Glocalized life-worlds: Reconstruction of modes of ethic judgement in the geography classroom

Third party funded individual grant

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Lehrstuhl für Pädagogik mit dem Schwerpunkt Organisationspädagogik

Funding source: DFG-Einzelförderung / Sachbeihilfe (EIN-SBH)
Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 30/09/2018

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Menschliches Lernen
Lehrstuhl für Pädagogik mit dem Schwerpunkt Organisationspädagogik

Abstract (technical / expert description):

Especially regarding questions of ethics, glocalized life-worlds of the 21st century are characterized by heterogenous offers of interpretation which do not provide simple ways of judging anymore. Thus, in discourses in the field of geographic education insecurity and modes of judgment, which are not complex enough, are assumed especially regarding topics of globalization. On the one hand the aim of the project is the concretization of the conditions for increasing students complexity regarding ethical judgment based on an empirical reconstruction of a teaching unit on glocalization in order to identify didactic-methodical points of reference for the promotion of complex modes of ethical judgment on the other hand. For this purpose a teaching unit in the field of geography was designed which aims at promoting complex modes of judgment with the students by especially arguing ethical questions. The reconstruction using Bohnsacks documentary method of interpretation is based on a research design which includes methodical triangulation (videography, focus group discussions).

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