Autonomous, Self-Optimising Communication Infrastructures for MPSoCs (B05)

Third Party Funds Group - Sub project

Overall project details

Overall project: DFG SFB/Transregio 89 "Invasive Computing"

Overall project speaker:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Teich (Lehrstuhl für Informatik 12 (Hardware-Software-Co-Design))

Project Details

Project leader:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Teich

Project members:
Andreas Weichslgartner
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wildermann

Contributing FAU Organisations:
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 12 (Hardware-Software-Co-Design)
Sonderforschungsbereich/Transregio 89 Invasives Rechnen

Funding source: DFG / Sonderforschungsbereich / Transregio (SFB / TRR) (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG))
Acronym: Invasive NoCs
Start date: 01/07/2010
End date: 30/06/2018

Abstract (technical / expert description):

Investigated are invasive Networks-on-Chip (iNoCs) with the goal of increasing the predictability of the execution properties of concurrent applications. Here, the hardware support inside the iNoC for mapping actor-oriented task models to a NoC is needed. Tighter bounds for communication latency shall be feasible through novel circuit switching concepts. Additionally, other non-functional properties such as security, fault tolerance, and energy consumption will be investigated. Finally, novel NoC topologies (i.e. 3D NoCs) and cache coherence are topics of investigation.

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