Richard Rothfelder


Lehrstuhl für Photonische Technologien

Publications ()

Sprügel, T., Rothfelder, R., Bickel, S., Grauf, A., Sauer, C., Schleich, B., & Wartzack, S. (2018). Methodology for plausibility checking of structural mechanics simulations using Deep Learning on existing simulation data. In Proceedings of the 13th Biennial Norddesign Conference, NordDesign 2018. The Design Society.
Scheitler, C.J., Rothfelder, R., Rasch, M., Ahuja, B., Schmidt, M., Merklein, C., & Beer, O. (2016). Laser beam melting of M50NiL: Influence of inert gas flow on resulting part properties. In Igor Drstvenšek, Dietmar Drummer and Michael Schmidt. (Eds.), 6th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGIES - iCAT 2016 - PROCEEDINGS (pp. 51-60). Nürnberg, DE.

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