Prof. Dr. Nico Döttling


Juniorprofessur für Kryptographische Protokolle

Preise / Auszeichnungen

2017 : Best Paper Award in der Crypto 2017 Konferenz
2015 : Best Paper Award in der ProvSec 2015 Konferenz
2015 : Erika und Dr. Wolfgang Eichelberger Dissertationspreis

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

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Döttling, N. (2015). Linear secret sharing schemes from error correcting codes and universal hash functions. Springer Verlag.
Döttling, N. (2013). Implementing resettable UC-functionalities with untrusted tamper-proof hardware-tokens.
Döttling, N. (2013). Lossy codes and a new variant of the learning-with-errors problem.
Döttling, N. (2012). A CCA2 secure variant of the mceliece cryptosystem. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 58(10), 6672-6680.
Döttling, N. (2012). IND-CCA secure cryptography based on a variant of the LPN problem.
Döttling, N. (2012). Statistically secure linear-rate dimension extension for oblivious affine function evaluation.
Döttling, N. (2011). Efficient reductions for non-signaling cryptographic primitives.
Döttling, N. (2011). Unconditional and composable security using a single stateful tamper-proof hardware token.
Döttling, N. (2011). Vulnerabilities of Wireless Key Exchange Based on Channel Reciprocity. Springer Verlag.

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