Maximilian Lübke


Lehrstuhl für Technische Elektronik

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Bartunik, M., Lübke, M., Unterweger, H., Alexiou, C., Meyer, S., Ahmed, D.,... Kirchner, J. (2019). Novel Receiver for Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in a Molecular Communication Setting. (Unpublished, Accepted).
Schmidt, C., Lübke, M., Dietz, M., Weigel, R., Kissinger, D., & Hagelauer, A. (2017). Determination of Changes in NaCl Concentration in Aqueous Solutions Using an M-Sequence Based Sensor System. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Microwave Bio-Conference (pp. 1-4). Göteborg, SE.

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