Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber

Thomson Researcher ID: D-2654-2012
Scopus Author ID: 7403096923


Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Physik

Awards / Honours

2004 : Erwin-Schrödinger-Preis


Realisierung eines monolithischen integrierten elektronischen Schaltkreises auf der Basis epitaktischen Graphens auf Siliziumkarbid

Project lead

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Single Color Centers in Silicon Carbide: electro-optical access via epitaxial graphene
Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber

Monolithic electronic circuits based on epitaxial graphene
Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber

(SPP 1459: Graphen):
Interaction effects and gateless patterning in epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide (0001)
Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber

(SFB 953: Synthetic Carbon Allotropes):
SFB 953: Graphene and Organic Molecules: Transport Experiments (B08)
Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber

Graphene on SiC: Fabrication, electronic structure and transistor applications
Prof. Dr. Heiko B. Weber
(01/07/2007 - 30/06/2010)

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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