Sven Wirsching


Lehrstuhl für Konstruktionstechnik

Publications ()

Wirsching, S., Bohnert, C., Tremmel, S., & Wartzack, S. (2019). Method for Calculating the Contact Between Roller End Face and Ring Flange In Multi-Body Simulations. In Proceedings of the 74th STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Nashville, Tennessee, US.
Buerhop, C., Wirsching, S., Wirsching, S., Pickel, T., Bemm, A., Camus, C.,... Brabec, C. (2017). Analyzing the degradation of pre-damaged PV-modules. In SPIE.DIGITAL LIBRARY (Eds.), Proc. SPIE 10370, Reliability of Photovoltaic Cells, Modules, Components, and Systems X. San Diego, California, US.
Buerhop, C., Wirsching, S., Bemm, A., Pickel, T., Hohmann, P., Nieß, M.,... Brabec, C. (2017). Evolution of cell cracks in PV-modules under field and laboratory conditions. Progress in Photovoltaics.

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