Anna-Carina Kimmel


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Schimmel, S., Duchstein, P., Steigerwald, T., Kimmel, A.-C., Schlücker, E., Zahn, D.,... Wellmann, P. (2018). In situ X-ray monitoring of transport and chemistry of Ga-containing intermediates under ammonothermal growth conditions of GaN. Journal of Crystal Growth, 498, 214-223.
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Schimmel, S., Koch, M., Macher, P., Kimmel, A.-C., Steigerwald, T., Alt, N.,... Wellmann, P. (2017). Solubility and dissolution kinetics of GaN in supercritical ammonia in presence of ammonoacidic and ammonobasic mineralizers. Journal of Crystal Growth, 479, 59-66.
Kimmel, A.-C., Hertweck, B., Steigerwald, T., Alt, N., & Schlücker, E. (2016). Corrosion Behaviour of Nickel and Cobalt Based Super Alloys in Supercritical Ammonia Containing Acidic Mineralizers NH4F or NH4Cl. In Proceedings of the EMSF. Essen.
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