Anja Fingerhut


Lehrstuhl für Organische Chemie I

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Fingerhut, A., Wu, Y., Kahnt, A., Bachmann, J., & Tsogoeva, S. (2016). Synthesis and Electrochemical and Photophysical Characterization of New 4,4-Conjugated 2,2-Bipyridines that are End-Capped with Cyanoacrylic Acid/Ester Groups. Chemistry-An Asian Journal, 11(8), 1232-1239.
Tsogoeva, S., Fingerhut, A., & Serdyuk, O. (2015). Non-heme iron catalysts for epoxidation and aziridination reactions of challenging terminal alkenes: towards sustainability. Green Chemistry, 17, 2042-2058.

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