Dr. med. Piotr Kuta


Transfusionsmedizinische und Hämostaseologische Abteilung in der Chirurgischen Klinik

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

Strobel, J., Hohensee, F., Kuta, P., Eckstein, R., & Zingsem, J. (2017). Comparison of Six Different Cryoprotective Agents Used for Deep Freezing and Storage of CD34+ Cells Derived from Cord Blood and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Concentrates. Clinical Laboratory, 63(3), 543-550. https://dx.doi.org/10.7754/Clin.Lab.2016.160928
Kuta, P., Hauck-Dlimi, B., Strobel, J., Zimmermann, R., & Eckstein, R. (2016). Quality of Clotting Factor Activity in Fresh Frozen Plasma at Thaw with a Microwave System and after Storage at 4 degrees C for 48 Hours. Clinical Laboratory, 62, 987-91.

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