Andreas Güldenpfennig


Lehrstuhl für Feststoff- und Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

Güldenpfennig, A., Pflug, L., & Peukert, W. (2019). How to Estimate Material Parameters for Multiphase, Multicomponent Precipitation Modeling. Crystal Growth and Design, 19(5), 2785-2793.
Güldenpfennig, A., Distaso, M., & Peukert, W. (2019). In situ investigations on the amorphous to crystalline phase transformation of precursors for methanol synthesis catalysts. Chemical Engineering Journal, 369, 996-1004.
Güldenpfennig, A., Distaso, M., Klupp Taylor, R., & Peukert, W. (2018). Modelling the two-dimensional growth and oriented attachment of goethite nanorods synthesized via oxidation of aqueous ferrous hydroxide slurries. Chemical Engineering Journal, 347, 798-807.
Haderlein, M., Güldenpfennig, A., Segets, D., & Peukert, W. (2017). A widely applicable tool for modeling precipitation processes. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 98, 197-208.

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