Andreas Kaufmann


Professur für Open Source Software

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

Barcomb, A.S., Kaufmann, A., Riehle, D., Stol, K.J., & Fitzgerald, B. (2018). Uncovering the Periphery: A Qualitative Survey of Episodic Volunteering in Free/Libre and Open Source Software Communities. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
Kaufmann, A., & Riehle, D. (2017). The QDAcity-RE method for structural domain modeling using qualitative data analysis. Requirements Engineering.
Barcomb, A.S., Riehle, D., & Kaufmann, A. (2016). A Case Study of Episodic Volunteering in FLOSS Communities-Appendices.
Kaufmann, A., Barcomb, A.S., & Riehle, D. (2016). Using Students as a Distributed Coding Team for Validation through Intercoder Agreement.
Kaufmann, A., & Riehle, D. (2015). Improving Traceability of Requirements Through Qualitative Data Analysis. In Software Engineering.
Kaufmann, A. (2014). Using Natural Language Processing to Support Interview Analysis (Master thesis).

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