Prof. Dr. Thomas Drewello


Professur für Physikalische Chemie

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Kirschbaum, R., Prenzel, D., Frankenberger, S., Tykwinski, R., & Drewello, T. (2015). Laser Desorption Mass Spectrometry of End Group-Protected Linear Polyynes: Evidence of Laser-Induced Cross-Linking. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119(5), 2861-2870.
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Li, J., Dürr, K.L., von Gernler, M., Jux, N., Ivanovic-Burmazovic, I., & Drewello, T. (2013). The dissociation behaviour of a singly and doubly charged (cationised) aza-crown ether/metalloporphyrin-conjugate: Metal-induced reactivity and Coulomb explosions Dedication: In memory of Prof. Detlef Schröder. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 406-413.
Niedermaier, I., Kolbeck, C., Taccardi, N., Schulz, P., Li, J., Drewello, T.,... Maier, F. (2012). Organic reactions in ionic liquids studied by in situ XPS. Chemphyschem, 13(7), 1725-1735.
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