Laura Shaw


Lehrstuhl für Qualitätsmanagement und Fertigungsmeßtechnik

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

García-Jurado, D., Mainé, J., Batista Ponce, M., Shaw, L., Hausotte, T., & Marcos-Bárcena, M. (2013). A Metrological Evaluation of Secondary Adhesion Wear effects in the Dry Turning of UNS-A92024-T3 alloy through Focus-Variation Microscopy (FVM). In Proceedings of the 5th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (pp. CD-ROM). Zaragoza, Spain, ES.
Shaw, L., Ettl, S., Mehari, F., Weckenmann, A., & Häusler, G. (2013). Automatic registration method for multisensor datasets adopted for dimensional measurements on cutting tools. Measurement Science & Technology, 24, 045002 (8pp).

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