Vanusch Nercissian


Lehrstuhl für Experimentalphysik (Optik)
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Project member

PPSI: Simultaneous measurement of phase and spatially variant elliptical polarization of light fields
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lindlein
(01/10/2015 - 01/10/2018)

Reduktion von Phasensingularitäten zur Vermeidung von Unwrapping-Problemen bei der Auswertung von Speckle-Shearing-Interferogrammen
Prof. Dr. Norbert Lindlein
(01/04/2011 - 30/04/2013)

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Nercissian, V., Mantel, K., Harder, I., Berger, A., Schwider, J., & Lindlein, N. (2010). Diffraktives 2D-Shearing-Interferometer mit partieller rÃa4umlicher KohÃa4renz. In DGaO-Proceedings (pp. A17).
Peng, G., Harder, I., Nercissian, V., Mantel, K., & Yao, B. (2010). Phase-shifting point-diffraction interferometry with common-path and in-line configuration for microscopy. Optics Letters, 35, 712--714.

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