Christian Eberhard Halbig


Lehrstuhl für Organische Chemie II

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Schindler, S., Vollnhals, F., Halbig, C.E., Marbach, H., Steinrück, H.-P., Papp, C., & Eigler, S. (2017). Focused electron beam based direct-write fabrication of graphene and amorphous carbon from oxo-functionalized graphene on silicon dioxide. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(4), 2683-2686.
Chen, H., Hou, Y., Halbig, C.E., Chen, S., Zhang, H., Li, N.,... Brabec, C. (2016). Extending the environmental lifetime of unpackaged perovskite solar cells through interfacial design. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4(30), 11604-11610.
Butz, B., Dolle, C., Halbig, C.E., Spiecker, E., & Eigler, S. (2016). Highly Intact and Pure Oxo-Functionalized Graphene:Synthesis and Electron-Beam-Induced Reduction. Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
Halbig, C.E., Nacken, T., Walter, J., Damm, C., Eigler, S., & Peukert, W. (2016). Quantitative investigation of the fragmentation process and defect density evolution of oxo-functionalized graphene due to ultrasonication and milling. Carbon, 96, 897-903.

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