Benjamin Bertleff


Lehrstuhl für Chemische Reaktionstechnik

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Bertleff, B., Claußnitzer, J., Korth, W., Wasserscheid, P., Jess, A., & Albert, J. (2018). Catalyst activation and influence of the oil matrix on the extractive oxidative desulfurization using aqueous polyoxometalate solutions and molecular oxygen. Energy & Fuels.
Bertleff, B., Claußnitzer, J., Goebel, R., Korth, W., Skiborowski, M., Wasserscheid, P.,... Albert, J. (2018). Investigations on catalyst stability and product isolation in the extractive oxidative desulfurization of fuels using polyoxometalates and molecular oxygen. ChemCatChem.
Albert, J., Wasserscheid, P., Bertleff, B., Claußnitzer, J., Korth, W., & Jess, A. (2017). Extraction coupled oxidative desulfurization of fuels to sulfate and water-soluble sulfur compounds using polyoxometalate catalysts and molecular oxygen. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

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