Natalie Dykes


Lehrstuhl für Korpus- und Computerlinguistik

Mitarbeit in Forschungsprojekten

RANT: Rekonstruktion von Argumenten aus Noisy Text (SPP 1999: RATIO)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Evert
(01.01.2018 - 31.12.2020)

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

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Peters, J., Dykes, N., Habermann, M., Ostgathe, C., & Heckel, M. (2019). Metaphors for multidrug-resistant bacteria in German newspaper articles, 1995-2015. A computer-assisted qualitative study. Metaphor and the Social World, 9(2).
Evert, S., Dykes, N., & Peters, J. (2018). A quantitative evaluation of keyword measures for corpus-based discourse analysis.
Peters, J., & Dykes, N. (2018). From keywords to discourse - towards a keyword operationalisation model in discourse linguistics. In Corpora and Discourse International Conference. Lancaster.

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