Sarah Freund


Lehrstuhl für Endogene Geodynamik

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Haase, K., Freund, S., Beier, C., Koepke, J., Erdmann, M., & Hauff, F. (2016). Constraints on the magmatic evolution of the oceanic crust from plagiogranite intrusions in the Oman ophiolite. Contributions To Mineralogy and Petrology, 171(5).
Haase, K., Freund, S., Koepke, J., Hauff, F., & Erdmann, M. (2015). Melts of sediments in the mantle wedge of the Oman ophiolite. Geology, 43(4), 275-278.
Freund, S., Haase, K., Keith, M., Beier, C., & Garbe-Schönberg, D. (2014). Constraints on the formation of geochemically variable plagiogranite intrusions in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. Contributions To Mineralogy and Petrology, 167(2), 1-22.
Regelous, M., Haase, K., Freund, S., Keith, M., Weinzierl, C., Beier, C.,... Schmidt, H. (2014). Formation of the Troodos Ophiolite at a triple junction: Evidence from trace elements in volcanic glass. Chemical Geology, 386, 66-79.
Freund, S., Beier, C., Krumm, S., & Haase, K. (2013). Oxygen isotope evidence for the formation of andesitic-dacitic magmas from the fast-spreading Pacific-Antarctic Rise by assimilation-fractional crystallisation. Chemical Geology, 347, 271-283.

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