Muhammad Jehanzaib Khan


Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik

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Jovicic, V., Khan, M.J., Zbogar-Rasic, A., Fedorova, N., Poser, A., Swoboda, P., & Delgado, A. (2018). Degradation of Low Concentrated Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) from Water Samples Using Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma (NTAP). Energies, 11(1290).
Jovicic, V., Jung, I., Zbogar-Rasic, A., Khan, M.J., & Delgado, A. (2017). Cleaning of the surfaces in the food industry using cold plasma. In Ruck, Bodo; Gromke, Christop ; Leder, Alfred; Dopheide, Dietrich (Eds.), Proceedings der 25. GALA-Fachtagung "Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik" (pp. 27.1-27.6). Karlsruhe: Karlsruhe: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Laser-Anemometrie GALA e.V..

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