Chris Conrad


Professur für Technische Thermodynamik
Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik

Publikationen (Download BibTeX)

Mishra, Y.N., Kögl, M., Baderschneider, K., Hofbeck, B., Berrocal, E., Conrad, C.,... Zigan, L. (2019). 3D mapping of droplet Sauter mean diameter in sprays. Applied Optics, 58(14), 3775-3783.
Bornschlegel, S., Conrad, C., Durst, A., Welß, R., Wensing, M., Olbinado, M.,... Baumbach, T. (2019). The influence of superheated injection on liquid and gaseous flow field of an experimental single-hole gasoline direct injection injector. International Journal of Engine Research.
Berrocal, E., Conrad, C., Puls, J., Arnold, C.L., Wensing, M., Linne, M., & Miranda, M. (2019). Two-photon fluorescence laser sheet imaging for high contrast visualization of atomizing sprays. OSA Continuum, 2(3), 983-993.
Kögl, M., Mishra, Y.N., Storch, M., Conrad, C., Berrocal, E., Will, S., & Zigan, L. (2018). Analysis of ethanol and butanol DISI sprays using two-phase SLIPI droplet sizing. International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics.

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