Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Lerch


Lehrstuhl für Sensorik

Awards / Honours

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2012 : Best Student Paper
2012 : Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
2012 : Student Paper Competition Award
2008 : 1. Preis für Poster auf dem Workshop der ASIM
1997 : BMW Scietific Award

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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Linnert, M., Mariager, S.O., Rupitsch, S., & Lerch, R. (2018). Dynamic Offset Correction of Electromagnetic Flowmeters. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.
Linnert, M., Mariager, S., Rupitsch, S., & Lerch, R. (2018). Dynamic Offset Correction of Electromagnetic Flow Meters. In IEEE (Eds.), 2018 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC 2018) Proceedings (pp. 674 - 679). Houston, US.
Osterziel, J., Krömer, F., Winter, P., & Lerch, R. (2018). Schallabstrahlung von überströmten ebenen Ein- und Mehrplattensystemen in Kavitäten. München, Germany.
Weiß, M., Lerch, R., & Rupitsch, S. (2018). Simulation-Based Approach for Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Composites. In Lightweight Design by Integrating Functions. Chemnitz.
Weiß, M., Lerch, R., & Rupitsch, S. (2018). Simulation‐Based Material Characterization of Isotropic and Direction‐Dependent Polymers for Use in Active Structure Assemblies. Advanced Engineering Materials.
Linnert, M., Lerch, R., Sutor, A., & Rupitsch, S. (2017). Characterization and Simulation of a Magnetized Sample. In AMA Service GmbH (Eds.), PROCEEDINGS – AMA Conferences 2017 AMA Conferences 2017 Nuermberg Exhibition Centre, Germany 30.5. – 1.6.2017 SENSOR 2017 18th International Conference on Sensors and Measurement Technology IRS2 2017 (pp. 424-428). Nürnberg, DE.
Kroh, P., Fink, M., Günther, H.-M., & Lerch, R. (2017). Low-power optimized, widely customizable, time-controlled wireless sensor/actuator data transmission with commercial off-the-shelf standard components. In Proceedings - AMA Conferences 2017 with SENSOR and IRS² (pp. 395 - 400). Nürnberg, DE: 31515 Wunstorf / Germany.
Löffler, M., & Lerch, R. (2017). Reliable characterization of the inverse-magnetostrictive behavior of thin films applying Vibrating Sample Magnetometry. Pittsburgh, PA, US.
Koch, A., Stiller, F., Lerch, R., & Ermert, H. (2016). 3D-pulse-echo-tomography for breast cancer and rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis - add-on-system and latest in-vivo-results. In Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), 2016 IEEE International (pp. 1-4).
Hochradel, K., Dorsch, P., Häcker, T., Hohler, T., Sutor, A., & Lerch, R. (2016). A low cost - high accuracy multisensor array for bat localization. Durban, ZA.

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