Stefan Schernich


Professur für Physikalische Chemie
Lehrstuhl für Physikalische Chemie II

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Schernich, S., Wagner, V., Taccardi, N., Wasserscheid, P., Laurin, M., & Libuda, J. (2014). Interface Controls Spontaneous Crystallization in Thin Films of the Ionic Liquid [C2C1Im][OTf] on Atomically Clean Pd(111). Langmuir, 30(23), 6846--6851.
Amende, M., Gleichweit, C., Werner, K., Schernich, S., Zhao, W., Lorenz, M.P.A.,... Libuda, J. (2014). Model catalytic studies of liquid organic hydrogen carriers: Dehydrogenation and decomposition mechanisms of dodecahydro-n-ethylcarbazole on pt(111). ACS Catalysis, 4(2), 657-665.
Amende, M., Gleichweit, C., Schernich, S., Höfert, O., Lorenz, M.P.A., Zhao, W.,... Libuda, J. (2014). Size and structure effects controlling the stability of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier dodecahydro- N -ethylcarbazole during dehydrogenation over pt model catalysts. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 5(8), 1498-1504.
Amende, M., Schernich, S., Sobota, M., Nikiforidis, I., Hieringer, W., Assenbaum, D.,... Libuda, J. (2013). Dehydrogenation mechanism of liquid organic hydrogen carriers: Dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole on Pd(111). Chemistry - A European Journal, 19(33), 10854-10865.
Gleichweit, C., Amende, M., Schernich, S., Zhao, W., Lorenz, M.P.A., Höfert, O.,... Papp, C. (2013). Dehydrogenation of dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole on Pt(111). Chemsuschem, 6(6), 974-977.
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Schernich, S., Laurin, M., Lykhach, Y., Tsud, N., Sobota, M., Skala, T.,... Libuda, J. (2013). Interactions of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with oxide surfaces controlled by alkyl chain functionalization. Chemphyschem, 14(16), 3673-3677.

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