Elli Angelopoulou, Ph.D.


Lehrstuhl für Informatik 5 (Mustererkennung)

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2017 : Best Paper Award

Mitarbeit in Forschungsprojekten

GRK 1773: Heterogene Bildsysteme
Prof. Dr. Marc Stamminger
(01.10.2012 - 31.03.2017)

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Magaraggia, J., Wei, W., Weiten, M., Kleinszig, G., Vetter, S., Franke, J.,... Hornegger, J. (2017). Design and evaluation of a portable intra-operative unified-planning-and-guidance framework applied to distal radius fracture surgery. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 12(1), 77-90. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11548-016-1432-1
Riess, C., Unberath, M., Naderi Boldaji, F., Pfaller, S., Stamminger, M., & Angelopoulou, E. (2017). Handling multiple materials for exposure of digital forgeries using 2-D lighting environments. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76(4), 4747-4764. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11042-016-3655-0
Magaraggia, J., Wei, W., Weiten, M., Kleinszig, G., Vetter, S., Franke, J.,... Hornegger, J. (2015). A Portable Intra-Operative Framework Applied to Distal Radius Fracture Surgery. In Proceedings of the MICCAI 2015 (pp. 323-330). Springer-verlag.
Riess, C., Pfaller, S., & Angelopoulou, E. (2015). Reflectance Normalization in Illumination-Based Image Manipulation Detection. In New Trends in Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP 2015 Workshops - ICIAP 2015 International Workshops: BioFor, CTMR, RHEUMA, ISCA, MADiMa, SBMI, and QoEM (pp. 3--10). Genoa, IT.
Groh, B., Friedl, M., Linarth, A.G., & Angelopoulou, E. (2014). Advanced Real-time Indoor Parking Localization based on Semi-Static Objects. In Proceeding of 17th International Conference on Information Fusion (pp. 1-7). Salamanca, Spain, ES: Salamanca, Spain: IEEE.
Deitsch, S., Gallwitz, F., & Angelopoulou, E. (2014). Autonomous Approach and Landing for a Low-Cost Quadrotor Using Monocular Cameras. In Agapito L., Bronstein M., Rother C. (Eds.), Computer Vision - ECCV 2014 Workshops (pp. 209-222). Zürich, Switzerland, CH: Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Bernecker, D., Riess, C., Angelopoulou, E., & Hornegger, J. (2014). Continuous Short-term Irradiance Forecasts using Sky Images. Solar Energy, 110, 303-315. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.solener.2014.09.005
Beigpour, S., Riess, C., van de Weijer, J., & Angelopoulou, E. (2014). Multi-Illuminant Estimation With Conditional Random Fields. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 23(1), 83--96. https://dx.doi.org/10.1109/TIP.2013.2286327
Magaraggia, J., Kleinszig, G., Wei, W., Weiten, M., Graumann, R., Angelopoulou, E., & Hornegger, J. (2014). On the Accuracy of a Video-Based Drill-Guidance Solution for Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery: Preliminary Results. In SPIE Medical Imaging 2014 (pp. 903610-903610). Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, California: Proc. SPIE 9036.
Placht, S., Fürsattel, P., Assoumou Mengue, E., Hofmann, H., Schaller, C., Balda, M., & Angelopoulou, E. (2014). ROCHADE: Robust Checkerboard Advanced Detection for Camera Calibration. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 766-779). Zürich, CH: Heidelberg: Springer.

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