PD Dr. Stefan Rupitsch


Lehrstuhl für Sensorik

Awards / Honours

2013 : Best Performing Associate Editor for 2013
2012 : Best Student Paper
2012 : Student Paper Competition Award
2009 : OGMA - Preis 2008

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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Rupitsch, S., Sutor, A., Ilg, J., Wolf, F., & Lerch, R. (2010). Estimation of Material Parameters for Piezoelectric Actuators Using Electrical and Mechanical Quantities. In 6th International Workshop on Direct and Inverse Problems in Piezoelectricity - Book of Abstracts.
Rupitsch, S., Sutor, A., Ilg, J., & Lerch, R. (2010). Identification Procedure for Real and Imaginary Material Parameters of Piezoceramic Materials. In Proceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium (pp. 1214-1217).
Wolf, F., Sutor, A., Rupitsch, S., & Lerch, R. (2010). Messtechnische Erfassung und Modellierung der Hysterese ferroelektrischer Werkstoffe. In Proceedings Sensoren und Messsysteme 2010 (pp. 421-424).
Wolf, F., Sutor, A., Rupitsch, S., & Lerch, R. (2010). Modeling and measurement of hysteresis of ferroelectric actuators considering time-dependent behavior. (pp. 87-90). Elsevier BV.
Koerdel, M., Alatas, F., Schick, A., Rupitsch, S., & Lerch, R. (2010). Modelling the capacitive coupling of sensors applied to the contactless inspection of planar electronics. (pp. 400-403). Elsevier BV.

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