apl. Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark


Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät


(SFB 953: Synthetische Kohlenstoffallotrope):
SFB 953: Großskalige Simulationen an Kohlenstoff-Allotropen (C01)
apl. Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark; Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer

(SPP 1179: Organocatalysis):
Chiral mono- and bifunctional organic catalysts: A joint experimental-theoretical approach to asymmetric organic synthesis (SPP 1179)
apl. Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark
(01.11.2006 - 01.06.2012)

(SFB 583: Redox Active Metal Complexes - Controlling Reactivity Through Molecular Architectures):
Theoretische Studien zur Elektronentransfer-Katalyse (C 01)
apl. Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark
(01.07.2001 - 01.06.2012)

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