Prof. Dr. David Vöhringer


Professur für Infektionsabwehr und Toleranz
Infektionsbiologische Abteilung am Mikrobiologischen Institut

Awards / Honours

2009 : ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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Symowski, C., & Vöhringer, D. (2019). Th2 cell-derived IL-4/IL-13 promote ILC2 accumulation in the lung by ILC2-intrinsic STAT6 signaling in mice. European Journal of Immunology.
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Willebrand, R., Dietschmann, A., Nitschke, L., Krappmann, S., & Vöhringer, D. (2018). Murine eosinophil development and allergic lung eosinophilia are largely dependent on the signaling adaptor GRB2. European Journal of Immunology, 48(11), 1786-1795.
Schubart, C., Krljanac, B., Otte, M., Symowski, C., Martini, E., Günther, C.,... Vöhringer, D. (2018). Selective expression of constitutively activated STAT6 in intestinal epithelial cells promotes differentiation of secretory cells and protection against helminths. Mucosal Immunology.
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