Markus Stürmer


Lehrstuhl für Informatik 10 (Systemsimulation)

Awards / Honours

2009 : 3. Preis KONWIHR-Multicore-Wettbewerb

Project member

waLBerla-MC: waLBerla-MC - A Widely Applicable Lattice-Boltzmann Solver for Many-Core Architectures
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde
(01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011)

Intraoperative Simulation der Hämodynamik in Aneurysmen im menschlichen Gehirn
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde
(01/01/2007 - 31/05/2012)

DIME: DIME - Datenlokale Iterationsverfahren zur effizienten Lösung partieller Differentialgleichungen
Arndt Bode; Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde
(01/06/2000 - 30/04/2006)

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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Zeiser, T., Götz, J., & Stürmer, M. (2008). On performance and accuracy of lattice Boltzmann approaches for single phase flow in porous media: A toy became an accepted tool - How to maintain its features despite more and more complex (physical) models and changing trends in high performance computing!? (pp. 165-+).
Zeiser, T., Götz, J., & Stürmer, M. (2008). On Performance and Accuracy of Lattice Boltzmann Approaches for Single Phase Flow in Porous Media: A Toy Became an Accepted Tool — How to Maintain Its Features Despite More and More Complex (Physical) Models and Changing Trends in High Performance Computing!? In Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, Computational Science and High Performance Computing III. (pp. 165-183). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.
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