Ina Niemann


Professur für Virologie

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Frank, T., Niemann, I., Reichel, A., & Stamminger, T. (2019). Emerging roles of cytomegalovirus-encoded G protein-coupled receptors during lytic and latent infection. Medical Microbiology and Immunology, 208(3-4), 447-456.
Hutterer, C., Niemann, I., Milbradt, J., Fröhlich, T., Reiter, C., Kadioglu, O.,... Marschall, M. (2015). The broad-spectrum antiinfective drug artesunate interferes with the canonical nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) pathway by targeting RelA/p65. Antiviral Research, 124, 101-109.
Niemann, I., Reichel, A., & Stamminger, T. (2014). Intracellular trafficking of the human cytomegalovirus-encoded 7-trans-membrane protein homologs pUS27 and pUL78 during viral infection: a comparative analysis. Viruses-Basel, 6(2), 661-82.

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