Sebastian Schlecht


Professur für wahrnehmungsbasierte räumliche Audiosignalverarbeitung (AudioLabs) (Stiftungsprofessur)

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Schäfer, M., Rabenstein, R., & Schlecht, S. (2019). Feedback Structures for a Transfer Function Model of a Circular Vibrating Membrane. In Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics. New Paltz, NY, US.
Rummukainen, O., Schlecht, S., Robotham, T., Plinge, A., & Habets, E. (2019). Perceptual exploration of near-field binaural audio rendering in six-degrees-of-freedom virtual reality. In Proc. of the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and {3D} User Interfaces. Osaka, Japan.
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Rummukainen, O., Robotham, T., Schlecht, S., Plinge, A., Herre, J., & Habets, E. (2018). Audio quality evaluation in virtual reality: Multiple stimulus ranking with behavior tracking. In Proc. of the AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (pp. 50-59). Audio Engineering Society.
Schlecht, S., Alary, B., Välimäki, V., & Habets, E. (2018). Optimized velvet-noise decorrelator. In Proc. Conf. on Digital Audio Effects. Aveiro, Portugal.
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Plinge, A., Schlecht, S., Thiergart, O., Robotham, T., Rummukainen, O., & Habets, E. (2018). Six-degrees-of-freedom binaural audio reproduction of first-order ambisonics with distance information. In Proc. of the AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality.
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