Professur für Computational Chemistry

Nägelsbachstraße 25
91052 Erlangen

Related Project(s)

(Skalenübergreifende Bruchvorgänge: Integration von Mechanik, Materialwissenschaften, Mathematik, Chemie und Physik (FRASCAL)):
GRK2423 - P1: Teilprojekt P1 – Chemistry at the Crack Tip
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Bitzek; Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer
(02/01/2019 - 30/06/2023)

(Fracture across Scales: Integrating Mechanics, Materials Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics (FRASCAL)):
GRK2423 - P7: Teilprojekt P7 - Collective Phenomena in Failure at Complex Interfaces
Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer; Dr. Paolo Moretti
(02/01/2019 - 30/06/2023)

SPP 2074 Grundlagen für die verbesserte Gebrauchsdauerberechnung feststoffgeschmierter Wälzlager durch Multiskalen-Untersuchungen
Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer; Dr.-Ing. Benoit Merle; Dr.-Ing. Stephan Tremmel
(01/10/2018 - 30/09/2021)

(SFB 953: Synthetic Carbon Allotropes):
SFB 953: Large Scale Simulations on Carbon Allotropes (C01)
apl. Prof. Dr. Timothy Clark; Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer

(Exzellenz-Cluster Engineering of Advanced Materials):
EXC315 EAM (A3-7): Plastic deformation, crack nucleation and fracture in lightweight intermetallic composite materials
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Bitzek; Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer
(01/11/2007 - 31/10/2017)

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