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(Skalenübergreifende Bruchvorgänge: Integration von Mechanik, Materialwissenschaften, Mathematik, Chemie und Physik (FRASCAL)):
GRK2423 - P6: Teilprojekt P6 - Fracture in Thermoplastics: Discrete-to-Continuum
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Pfaller; Prof. Dr. Ana-Suncana Smith
(02.01.2019 - 30.06.2023)

(Skalenübergreifende Bruchvorgänge: Integration von Mechanik, Materialwissenschaften, Mathematik, Chemie und Physik (FRASCAL)):
GRK2423 - P12: Teilprojekt P12 - Postdoctoral Project: Quantum-to-Continuum Model of Thermoset Fracture
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Bitzek; Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Pfaller; Prof. Dr. Ana-Suncana Smith
(02.01.2019 - 30.06.2023)

CompSols-MolFlex: Computational Solutions in the Life Sciences: The Importance of Molecular Flexibility
David M. Smith; Prof. Dr. Ana-Suncana Smith
(15.07.2014 - 14.07.2018)

MEMBRANESACT: Biological Membranes in Action: A Unified Approach to Complexation, Scaffolding and Active Transport
Prof. Dr. Ana-Suncana Smith
(01.10.2013 - 30.09.2019)

PROTEASSIST: Protein Assisted DNA Monolayer Assembly (UKF 22/08)
Prof. Dr. Ana-Suncana Smith; Dr. rer. nat. Tomislav Vuletić
(01.09.2008 - 31.08.2010)

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