Professur für Advanced Optical Technologies - Thermophysical Properties

Reallocation / Closing: 31/05/2017
Paul-Gordan-Straße 6/8/10
91052 Erlangen

Related Project(s)

Experimental setup for the application of dynamic light scattering under homodyne and heterodyne conditions as well as a scattering angle of 90°
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Paul Fröba
(01/08/2016 - 31/12/2016)

Kältemittel-Öl-Gemische: Diffusion coefficients for refrigerant-oil mixtures by using dynamic light scattering (DLS)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Paul Fröba
(15/01/2016 - 15/09/2016)

Erstellung und Auslegung von Gaszentrifugenanordnungen zur Abtrennung von C-14 Kohlenmonoxid und C-12 Kohlendioxid
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Paul Fröba
(01/11/2015 - 31/03/2016)

Study regarding the characterization of microemulsions by using dynamic light scattering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Paul Fröba
(01/11/2015 - 31/03/2016)

Diffusion coefficients of gas mixtures by Loschmidt method on the basis of holographic interferometry
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Paul Fröba
(01/02/2011 - 28/02/2013)


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