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Paleobiology and Paleoenvironments

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91054 Erlangen

Subordinate Organisational Units

Professur für Paläontologie (Schwerpunkt Faziesanalyse)
Professur für System-Paläobiologie

Related Project(s)

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Deep origins of marine trophic networks
Dr. Emilia Jarochowska
(01/01/2017 - 28/02/2018)

Constraining the deep origin of metazoan parasitism through integration of Evolutionary Parasitology and Molecular Paleobiology
Dr. Kenneth de Baets
(01/01/2017 - 31/03/2018)

Environmental and biotic controls on conodont body size and teeth morphology as proxies for their feeding ecology
Dr. Emilia Jarochowska
(01/09/2016 - 31/08/2019)

(Temperature-related stresses as a unifying principle in ancient extinctions (TERSANE)):
FOR 2332: Body size dynamics of cephalopods across the Pliensbachian-Toarcian crisis
Dr. Kenneth de Baets
(01/08/2016 - 31/07/2019)

(FOR 2332: Temperature-related stresses as a unifying principle in ancient extinctions (TERSANE)):
TERSANE: Temperature-related stresses as a unifying principle in ancient extinctions
PD Dr. Martin Aberhan; Dr. Kenneth de Baets; Prof. Dr. Karsten Haase; Prof. Dr. Michael Joachimski; Prof. Dr. Simone Kasemann; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kießling; Dieter Korn; Prof. Dr. Hans-Otto Poertner; Carl James Reddin, Ph.D.; PD Dr. Marcel Regelous
(01/07/2016 - 30/06/2019)

Publications (Download BibTeX)

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