Plant Biology

Journal Abbreviation: PLANT BIOLOGY
ISSN: 1435-8603
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Volume: 17, Pages range: 1113-1122
Progesterone 5β-reductase genes of the Brassicaceae family as function-associated molecular markers (2015)
Munkert J, Costa C, Budeanu O, et al.

Volume: 16, Pages range: 113-119
The influence of microgravity on Euglena gracilis as studied on Shenzhou 8 (2014)
Nasir A, Strauch S, Becker I, et al.

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 13, Pages range: 710-718
Identification of an Arabidopsis solute carrier critical for intracellular transport and inter-organ allocation of molybdate (2011)
Gasber A, Klaumann S, Trentmann O, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 12, Pages range: 105-114
Expression of the AtSUC1 gene in the female gametophyte, and ecotype-specific expression differences in male reproductive organs. (2010)
Feuerstein A, Niedermeier M, Bauer K, et al.

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