Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Journal Abbreviation: SOL ENERG MAT SOL C
ISSN: 0927-0248
Publisher: Elsevier


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Journal issue: 8, Volume: 95, Pages range: 2454-2458
Laser structuring of crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on opaque foreign substrates (2011)
Kunz T, Gazuz V, Hessmann MT, et al.

Journal issue: 12, Volume: 95, Pages range: 3256-3261
Organic photovoltaics for low light applications (2011)
Steim R, Ameri T, Schilinsky P, et al.

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 94, Pages range: 1875-1879
Differential calorimetry study of the initial stage of the sulphurisation process of CuInSe2 solar cell materials (2010)
Tang K, Künecke U, Oehlschläger F, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 92, Pages range: 410-417
The formation of CuInSe2 thin-film solar cell absorbers by laser annealing of electrodeposited precursors (2008)
Jost SG, Schurr R, Hergert F, et al.

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