Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Journal Abbreviation: MICROPOR MESOPOR MAT
ISSN: 1387-1811
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 218, Pages range: 153-159
Effect of ball milling on the structural and textural features of MCM-41 mesoporous material (2015)
Abu-Zied BM, Schwieger W, Asiri AM

Volume: 203, Pages range: 1-7
Electrical potential near hydrated surface of ordered mesoporous molecular sieves assessed by EPR of molecular pH-probes (2015)
Kovaleva EG, Molochnikov LS, Golovkina EL, et al.

Volume: 214, Pages range: 143-148-148
Micro-imaging of liquid-vapor phase transition in nano-channels. (2015)
Lauerer A, Zeigermann P, Lenzner J, et al.

Volume: 218, Pages range: 130-136
Synthesis of carbon core--shell pore structures and their performance as supercapacitors (2015)
Ariyanto T, Dyatkin B, Zhang G, et al.

Volume: 190, Pages range: 324-333
Synthesis of multilamellar MFI-type zeolites under static conditions: The role of gel composition on their properties (2014)
Machoke A, Knoke IY, Lopez-Orozco S, et al.

Volume: 179, Pages range: 258-264
Dynamics of pH-sensitive nitroxide radicals in water adsorbed in ordered mesoporous molecular sieves by EPR Spectroscopy (2013)
Kovaleva EG, Molochnikov LS, Golovkina EL, et al.

Volume: 182, Pages range: 136-146
Transformation of porous glasses into MCM-41 containing geometric bodies (2013)
Uhlig H, Gimpel ML, Inayat A, et al.

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