Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: MICROPOR MESOPOR MAT
ISSN: 1387-1811
Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 276, Seitenbereich: 29-40
Solvent-free transformation of spray coated ZnO layers to ZIF-8 membranes (2019)
Reif B, Somboonvong J, Fabisch F, et al.

Band: 275, Seitenbereich: 102-110
Synthesis of ZIF-11 – Influence of the synthesis parameters on the phase purity (2019)
Reif B, Paula C, Fabisch F, et al.

Band: 237, Seitenbereich: 151-159
Direct oxidation of benzene to phenol over hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolites prepared by sequential post synthesis modification (2017)
Shahid A, Lopez Orozco S, Marthala V, et al.

Band: 243, Seitenbereich: 65-68
Synthesis of ZIF-11-Effect of water residues in the solvent onto the phase transition from ZIF-11 to ZIF-7-III (2017)
Reif B, Fabisch F, Hovestadt M, et al.

Band: 229, Seitenbereich: 155-165
Building concept inspired by raspberries: From microporous zeolite nanocrystals to hierarchically porous assemblies (2016)
Klumpp M, Zeng L, Al-Thabaiti SA, et al.

Band: 219, Seitenbereich: 186-189-189
Effect of temperature on hydrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption hysteresis in an ultramicroporous MOF. (2016)
Wu H, Thibault CG, Wang H, et al.

Band: 225, Seitenbereich: 440-449-449
Insights into the accessibility of Zr in Zr/SBA-15 mesoporous silica supports with increasing Zr loadings. (2016)
Ogura M, Guillet-Nicolas R, Brouri D, et al.

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