International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research

Journal Abbreviation: INT J METH PSYCH RES
ISSN: 1049-8931
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Journal issue: 1, Volume: 27
Subtypes of depression and their overlap in a naturalistic inpatient sample of major depressive disorder (2018)
Musil R, Seemueller F, Meyer S, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 23, Pages range: 58 - 91
Advancing psychotherapy and evidence-based psychological interventions (2014)
Knappe S, Ollendick T, Hermans D, et al.

Journal issue: 23, Pages range: 28-40
The need for a behavioral science focus in research on mental health and mental disorders (2014)
Wittchen HU, Knappe S, Andersson G, et al.

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