Journal of Human Evolution

Journal Abbreviation: J HUM EVOL
ISSN: 0047-2484
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 130, Pages range: 1-20
A missing piece of the Papio puzzle: Gorongosa baboon phenostructure and intrageneric relationships (2019)
Martinez FI, Capelli C, Ferreira da Silva MJ, et al.

Volume: 116, Pages range: 27-42
Lahar inundated, modified, and preserved 1.88 Ma early hominin (OH24 and OH56) Olduvai DK site (2018)
Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, Njau JK, et al.

Volume: 90, Pages range: 74-87
In situ ~2.0 Ma trees discovered as fossil rooted stumps, lowermost Bed I, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2016)
Habermann J, Stanistreet IG, Stollhofen H, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 63, Pages range: 364-383
Environments and activity traces of Oldowan hominins across the FLK Peninsula during Zinjanthropus times (1.84 Ma), Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2012)
Blumenschine RJ, Stanistreet IG, Njau JK, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 63, Pages range: 309-327
Plio-Pleistocene syn-sedimentary fault compartments underpin lake margin paleoenvironmental mosaic, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2012)
Stollhofen H, Stanistreet IG

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