Journal of Mathematical Physics

Journal Abbreviation: J MATH PHYS
ISSN: 0022-2488
Publisher: American Institute of Physics (AIP)


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Journal issue: 7, Volume: 60
Chern numbers as half-signature of the spectral localizer (2019)
Lozano Viesca E, Schober J, Schulz-Baldes H

Journal issue: 3, Volume: 59
Topological edge states for disordered bosonic systems (2018)
Peano Cavasola V, Schulz-Baldes H

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 58
Projective loop quantum gravity. II. Searching for semi-classical states (2017)
Lanery S, Thiemann T

Journal issue: 12, Volume: 57
Projective loop quantum gravity. I. State space (2016)
Lanery S, Thiemann T

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 57
The microlocal spectrum condition, initial value formulations, and background independence (2016)
Stottmeister A, Thiemann T

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