Journal of Petrology

Journal Abbreviation: J PETROL
ISSN: 0022-3530
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy B - Oxford Open Option A


Journal issue: 1, Volume: 57, Pages range: 119-146
Poly-cyclic Metamorphic Evolution of Eclogite: Evidence for Multistage Burial–Exhumation Cycling in a Subduction Channel (2016)
Li J, Klemd R, Gao J, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 56, Pages range: 255-271
Origin of Silicic Magmas at Spreading Centres-an Example from the South East Rift, Manus Basin (2015)
Beier C, Bach W, Turner S, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 54, Pages range: 2095-2123
Petrogenesis of tertiary hornblende-bearing lavas in the rhön, germany (2013)
Mayer B, Jung S, Romer R, et al.

Journal issue: 8, Volume: 53, Pages range: 1673-1708
The petrology and geochemistry of lavas from the western azores islands of flores and corvo (2012)
Genske F, Turner SP, Beier C, et al.

Volume: 48, Pages range: 1513-1542
Magma genesis and mantle dynamics at the Harrat Ash Shamah Volcanic Field (southern Syria). (2007)
Krienitz M, Haase K, Mezger K, et al.

Volume: 47, Pages range: 1375-1411
Magma evolution of the Sete Cidades volcano, São Miguel, Azores. (2006)
Beier C, Hansteen T, Haase K

Journal issue: 41, Volume: 41, Pages range: 69-86
Phase relations in peridotitic and pyroxenitic rocks in the model systems CMASH and NCMASH (2000)
Schmädicke E

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