Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: J PHYS B-AT MOL OPT
ISSN: 0953-4075
Verlag: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access


Heftnummer: 2, Band: 46
Experimental and theoretical Raman analysis of functionalized diamantane (2013)
Meinke R, Richter R, Moeller T, et al.

Band: 45, Seitenbereich: 074006
Attosecond physics in photoemission from a metal nanotip (2012)
Krueger M, Schenk M, Foerster M, et al.

Heftnummer: 5, Band: 44
Quantum interference and non-locality of independent photons from disparate sources (2011)
Wiegner R, von Zanthier J, Agarwal GS

Heftnummer: 3, Band: 39, Seitenbereich: 685-693
Measure of phonon-number moments and motional quadratures through infinitesimal-time probing of trapped ions (2006)
Bastin T, von Zanthier J, Solano E

Heftnummer: 3, Band: 36, Seitenbereich: 553-559
Towards an indium single-ion optical frequency standard (2003)
Eichenseer M, Nevsky A, Schwedes C, et al.

Heftnummer: 15, Band: 23, Seitenbereich: 2485-2495
Atomic photo cross sections based on the logarithmic derivative variational principle: Application of Lobatto shape functions (1990)
Görling A, Ackermann L, Rösch N

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