International Journal of Solids and Structures

Journal Abbreviation: INT J SOLIDS STRUCT
ISSN: 0020-7683
Publisher: Elsevier


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Journal issue: 24, Volume: 50, Pages range: 3886–3897
A theory of finite deformation magneto-viscoelasticity (2013)
Saxena P, Mokarram H, Steinmann P

Journal issue: 25-26, Volume: 50, Pages range: 4197-4216
Computational homogenization in magneto-mechanics (2013)
Javili A, Chatzigeorgiou G, Steinmann P

Journal issue: 16-17, Volume: 50, Pages range: 2561-2572
Micro-to-macro transitions for continua with surface structure at the microscale (2013)
Javili A, McBride AT, Mergheim J, et al.

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 48, Pages range: 163-174
Determination of material intrinsic length and strain gradient hardening in microbending process (2011)
Li Hezong , Dong Xianghuai , Wang Qian , et al.

Journal issue: 48, Pages range: 257-268
Modelling bioactivity and degradation of bioactive glass based tissue engineering scaffolds (2011)
Sanz-Herrera JA, Boccaccini AR

Journal issue: 24, Volume: 47, Pages range: 3245-3253
On thermomechanical solids with boundary structures (2010)
Javili A, Steinmann P

Journal issue: 24, Volume: 45, Pages range: 6067-6073
Modelling and Simulation of First and Second Sound in Solids (2008)
Steinmann P, Bargmann S

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