Journal of Cleaner Production

Journal Abbreviation: J CLEAN PROD
ISSN: 0959-6526
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 143, Pages range: 1291-1301
Sustainability and management control. Exploring and theorizing control patterns in large European firms (2017)
Crutzen N, Zvezdov D, Schaltegger S

Journal issue: 135, Pages range: 644-656
Methods-Energy Measurement – An approach for sustainable energy planning of manufacturing technologies (2016)
Bornschlegl M, Bregulla M, Franke J

Volume: 89, Pages range: 224-230
Recycling of pre-stabilized municipal waste incinerator fly ash and soda-lime glass into sintered glass-ceramics (2015)
Ponsot I, Bernardo E, Bontempi E, et al.

Volume: 82, Pages range: 192--201
An Institutional Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia (2014)
Fifka M, Pobizhan M

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