Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

Journal Abbreviation: J ASIAN EARTH SCI
ISSN: 1367-9120
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 165, Pages range: 7-36
Large-scale porphyry-type mineralization in the Central Asian metallogenic domain: A review (2017)
Gao J, Klemd R, Zhu M, et al.

Volume: 146, Pages range: 152-167
New Permian-Triassic conodont data from Selong (Tibet) and the youngest occurrence of Vjalovognathus (2017)
Wang L, Wignall PB, Sun Y, et al.

Volume: 102, Pages range: 73-91
An overview of the Cretaceous stratigraphy and facies development of the Yazd Block, western Central Iran (2015)
Wilmsen M, Fürsich F, Majidifard MR

Volume: 102, Pages range: 1-3
Cimmerian terranes: Preface (2015)
Zanchi A, Fürsich F, Santosh M

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 113, Pages range: 339-352
Early Neoproterozoic granitic gneisses in the Chinese Eastern Tianshan: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications (2015)
Huang BT, He Z, Zhang Z, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 113, Pages range: 711-727
Permian age of orogenic thickening and crustal melting in the Garm Block, South Tien Shan, Tajikistan (2015)
Konopelko D, Klemd R, Mamadjanov Y, et al.

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