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Band: 20
Exactly solvable dynamics of forced polymer loops (2018)
Huang W, Lin YT, Froemberg D, et al.

Band: 19
Energy decay in a granular gas collapse (2017)
Almazán Torres L, Serero D, Salueña C, et al.

Band: 18
Effect of particle shape on the efficiency of granular dampers (2016)
Pourtavakoli H, Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Pöschel T

Heftnummer: 073049, Band: 18
Granular dampers: does particle shape matter? (2016)
Pourtavakoli H, Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Pöschel T

Band: 18
Heaping and secondary flows in sheared granular materials (2016)
Börzsönyi T, Fischer D, Schiochet Nasato D, et al.

Band: 18
Ratcheting and tumbling motion of Vibrots (2016)
Scholz C, Dsilva S, Pöschel T

Band: 18
Reply to comment on ‘Are physicists afraid of mathematics?’ (2016)
Kollmer J, Pöschel T, Gallas J

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