IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

Journal Abbreviation: IEEE T MAGN
ISSN: 0018-9464
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


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Journal issue: 11, Volume: 53
New Single-Phase Flux Switching Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor (2017)
Syed QAS, Kurtovic H, Hahn I

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 51
Broadband Setup for Magnetic-Field-Induced Domain Wall Motion in Cylindrical Nanowires (2015)
Wartelle A, Thirion C, Afid R, et al.

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 50
Analytical calculation of copper losses in litz-wire windings of gapped inductors (2014)
Stadler A, Huber R, Stolzke T, et al.

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 50
An Inverted Preisach Model With Analytical Weight Function and Its Numerical Discrete Formulation (2014)
Bi S, Wolf F, Lerch R, et al.

Journal issue: 11, Volume: 50
Method for Optimizing the Field Coils of Internally Illuminated Photobioreactors (2014)
Sutor A, Heining M, Lindenberger C, et al.

Journal issue: 7, Volume: 49, Pages range: 3175-3178
An Efficient Inverted Hysteresis Model with Modified Switch Operator and Differentiable Weight Function (2013)
Bi S, Sutor A, Lerch R, et al.

Volume: 44, Pages range: 2835-2838
Effect of the Ferromagnetic Layer Thickness on the Blocking Temperature in IrMn/CoFe Exchange Couples (2008)
Vallejo-Fernandez G, Kaeswurm B, Fernandez-Outon LE, et al.

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