Journal of Systems Architecture

Journal Abbreviation: J SYST ARCHITECT
ISSN: 1383-7621
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 85-86, Pages range: 1-13
Reliability and test effort analysis of multi-sensor driver assistance systems (2018)
Bock F, Siegl S, Bazan P, et al.

Volume: 77, Pages range: 72-82
Efficient Task Spawning for Shared Memory and Message Passing in Many-core Architectures (2017)
Zaib A, Heisswolf J, Weichslgartner A, et al.

Fast heterogeneous computing architectures for smart antennas (2017)
Reichenbach M, Kasparek M, Häublein K, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 61, Pages range: 600
Introduction to the Special Issue on Testing, Prototyping, and Debugging of Multi-Core Architectures (2015)
Hannig F, Herkersdorf A

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 61, Pages range: 668-680
Resource-awareness on heterogeneous MPSoCs for image processing (2015)
Paul J, Stechele W, Oechslein B, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 61, Pages range: 646-658
Synthesis and Optimization of Image Processing Accelerators using Domain Knowledge (2015)
Reiche O, Häublein K, Reichenbach M, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 61, Pages range: 615-627
Techniques for on-demand structural redundancy for massively parallel processor arrays (2015)
Teich J, Lari V, Tanase AP, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 53, Pages range: 751-763
Design space exploration of reliable networked embedded systems (2007)
Streichert T, Glaß M, Haubelt C, et al.

Journal issue: 5, Volume: 53, Pages range: 300-309
Efficient Control Generation for Mapping Nested Loop Programs onto Processor Arrays (2007)
Dutta H, Hannig F, Ruckdeschel H, et al.

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