Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Journal Abbreviation: J PHYS CHEM C
ISSN: 1932-7447
Publisher: American Chemical Society


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Journal issue: 24, Volume: 117, Pages range: 12483-12494
Adsorption and Decomposition of Formic Acid on Model Ceria and Pt/Ceria Catalysts (2013)
Lykhach Y, Happel M, Johanek V, et al.

Journal issue: 45, Volume: 117, Pages range: 23781-23789
Calcium thin film growth on a cyano-substituted poly(p-phenylene vinylene): Interface structure and energetics (2013)
Sharp JC, Bebensee F, Baricuatro JH, et al.

Journal issue: 48, Volume: 117, Pages range: 25334-25342
Dynamical Simulation of Electron Transfer Processes in Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers at the Au(111) Surface (2013)
Prucker V, Rubio-Pons O, Bockstedte MG, et al.

Journal issue: 34, Volume: 117, Pages range: 17674-17679
Electron beam-induced writing of nanoscale iron wires on a functional metal oxide (2013)
Vollnhals F, Woolcot T, Walz MM, et al.

Journal issue: 49, Volume: 117, Pages range: 26361-26370
In Situ Raman Mapping of Charge Carrier Distribution in Electrolyte-Gated Carbon Nanotube Network Field-Effect Transistors (2013)
Zaumseil J, Jakubka F, Wang M, et al.

Journal issue: 44, Volume: 117, Pages range: 22939-22946
Interface properties and physicochemical characterization of the low-temperature molten salt Li/K/Cs acetate (2013)
Deyko A, Bajus S, Rietzler F, et al.

Journal issue: 10, Volume: 117, Pages range: 5101-5111
Interfacial behavior of thin ionic liquid films on mica (2013)
Deyko A, Cremer T, Rietzler F, et al.

Journal issue: 4, Volume: 117, Pages range: 1647-1655
Photoinduced charge transfer in porphyrin-cobaloxime and corrole-cobaloxime hybrids (2013)
Peuntinger K, Lazarides T, Dafnomili D, et al.

Journal issue: 13, Volume: 116, Pages range: 7360-7366
Bonding mechanisms of graphene on metal surfaces (2012)
Kozlov SM, Vines F, Görling A

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